Tadros Hanna

Tadros Hanna studied fine arts in Cairo and worked as an architect and interior designer for 20 years in Egypt.

Tadros moved to Australia in 2015 with his children Carla and Youssef. While living in Melbourne’s West he has resumed his practice of painting and facilitates art classes at ASRC and St. Alban’s Community Hub. He has made 2 short films and a Harmony Calendar at St. Albans Primary School.

His painting combines iconography that evokes the rich and complex mythologies and spiritual traditions of Egypt, including Coptic Christian and Islamic faiths.

Tadros’s recent work explores themes of hope and life, and the power of creativity in affirming life, love and connection between people.

As Tadros says “Life is hope, and hope is life.” Art is the best way in which to explore and express the dreams we all share.