Awakening Exhibition

June 30 – July 30, 2017 | Hosted by St Heliers Street Gallery, Abbotsford Convent

Zohreh Izadikia | Zee Omar | UB | Tri Setyani | Tadros Hanna | Carla Tadros | Youssef Hanna | Samaneh Malekshahi | Ponce A Delph | Noony | Molly George | Maryam Sepasi | Margaret Mayhew | Mahla Karimian | Leila Ashtiani | Farhad Bandesh | Elnaz Nourizadeh | Dominique Kirchner | Chris Gray | Azizeh Astaneh | Ana | Amy Parker

The exhibition was inspired by the ambiguous state of dreaming and awakening. Art is variously described as a dreaming state or as a way of waking up from the sleeping condition of everyday life.

Works explored the conditions of awakening in our daily lives, an exploration of the tensions and interplay between asylum seekers and the wider Australian community, including the lack of clarity between languages and expressions, where various genres align to disrupt cultural identities.

Art awakens when it breaks through barriers, uniting artists and audiences and challenging the assumptions and prejudices that keep us in a sleeping state.

“[…] Someone who is awakened has gained insight into the workings of the mind which keeps us imprisoned in craving, suffering and rebirth, and has also gained insight into the way that leads to nirvana, the liberation of oneself from this imprisonment. […]”

Selected pieces are still available in our store.